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MUSIC LoDo Recording Studios where we mixed with Ed Edwards
RADIO 1190 our one and only hope
The Hooligan with the things you need to know
Delusions of Adequacy is an online music mag
Someday Never has Omaha things
Rock KCcentric
Paco Garden Records dave kicks our collective ass
monkey*haüs music stuff from Dale

BANDS Do Make Say Think - Toronto
Death Cab For Cutie - Seattle
Q And Not U - Washington DC
Rocky Votolato - Seattle
The Postal Service - Los Angeles / Seattle
Cursive - Omaha
Quasi - Portland
Rilo Kiley - Los Angeles
Carissa's Wierd - Seattle
Vendetta Red - Seattle
Elevator Division - Kansas City
Against Tomorrow's Sky - Colorado Springs
Fly Pan Am - Montreal
The Prom - Seattle
Cex - San Francisco
Gatsby's American Dream - Seattle
Delta Dart - Olympia
Bronwyn - Portland
Planes Mistaken For Stars - Denver
Aloha - Ohio
Mistletoe - Albuquerque
The Bum-Out Patrol - Albuquerque
The Czars - Denver
Black Black Ocean - Denver
The Wind-Up Merchants - Denver
Uphollow - Denver
Sorry About Dresden - Chapel Hill
The Sound of Rails - Omaha
The Stella Link - Kansas City

ETC. Francis did the misanthropolis cover - ask him about Bacon
Watercourse Foods fine vegetarian fare - 13th and Sherman
TH'INK TANK TATTOO where casey gets colored on
Nanotopia thanks Ben
Fresh Tuesday photography and things c/o marc hughes
Olson Works design co.
Derelict Magazine at some point, probably t-shirts/stickers/words to fuel the revolution
Club Jerry you know, for kids

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