The Hooligan - Like You Care: the Best of 2001

With the close of a crazy year, we here at The Hooligan wish to tell you what we think what the best of 2001. Like you care.

John Reidy's top ten (in no particular order)

1. Fugazi - The Argument
2. Ghost World - the movie (grea adaptation of the excellent comic)
3. Bands on the Run - VH1 (watching the fragile psyches of band memeber collapse was pure gold)
4. 6 Feet Under - HBO (one of the best shows on television and pretty fucking sick)
5. The Figgs - Sucking in Stereo & The Badger (best band in America)
6. The Fifth Utility - Misanthropolis (great release from a great Denver band)
7. The Avalanche - winning the Stanley Cup (all my hard wok finally paid off)
8. Built To Spill - Ancient Melodies of the Future (just when I though he couldn't get any better)
9. Stephen Malkmus - Self titled solo record (some amazing moments from the ex-Pavement frontman)
10. My Wedding - (had the time of my life and got really wasted)
11. How much I hate the Barenaked Ladies
-- John Reidy -- The Hooligan -- December 2001 --