This is an email response that we received a few days after the Hooligan review came out. Parts of it confuse us, but it is an interesting perspective, no?

From : Mike [email address withheld]
To :
Subject : d.i.y?- definitely not.

well i would definately not catagorize you in emo-rock or even closely compare you to the magnificent christie front drive. the closest i could compare your sound to is garage rock with mushy mudane metaphors that have nothing to do with your concepts as a band or of anythig your supposedly about. seriously, define d.i.y. your album for instance does not scratch the surface. i'm guessing you only had 1000+ - discs pressed and all had cd inserts that were manufactured by a disc/graphic company. sure you might have "designed it" or came up with the layout but i'll tell you this much, nothing original or creative nothing that inspired d.i.y. the most avid music listener would definitely not give you the courtesy of comparison to anything great. what draws the line between you and any other rock garage butt band? d.i.y.? - definitely not.
1.your love songs and your concepts clash.
2.rethink your gameplan
-- Mike -- an email response -- Sptember 2001 --