The Fifth Utility - Misanthropolis
Reviewed by John Reidy, The Hooligan

I received an email from The Fifth Utility asking people to come down to some show of theirs to celebrate the release of this record, Misanthropolis. I had no idea who these guys were. And typically bands that send out mass emails trying to get total strangers to go to their shows are a bit suspect.

But through the wonders of the internet, I was able to listen to a track and made an informed decision before casually deleting the email. And because of that, I liked what I heard and emailed back asking for a copy to review. But what really did it, was the guy who emailed challenged me on my review of Radioheadís Amnesiac. Not to be outdone, I said, "alright punk, send me your damn CD."

My initial suspicions were put to rest once I started listening to Misanthropolis. Itís really very good. The sound is melodic emo-rock with the right amount of punch, lightly dusted with a bit of woeful post-punk longing. I liken them to legendary Denver band Christie Front Drive because of the wonderful use of dynamics to create a mood. The song "Dull" is one of the finer examples of the quiet/to loud style song Iíve heard in years. A type of song thatís been over done, yet these guys make it flow like Guinness: thick and lovely.

Misanthropolis is probably one of the best produced local records Iíve ever heard. And I donít mean crappy local band gets good production: silk purse/ sowís ear/ local bands that headline the Bluebird and all that. No, this is magnificently produced to make the already great music sound even greater. These guys have something here, and the 10 or so times Iíve listened to this can attest to that.

Itís a treat to get something in the mail that you actually like. To get a random local band in the mail I like, well, thatís pretty damn special. Check these guys out for yourself at your local record shoppe or at
-- John Reidy -- The Hooligan -- September 2001 --