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someone thought we should create a 'one sheet' for all those busy industry types. we are still not convinced.

'the one through four' will henceforward be known as 'quo.' Find more information on the on the quo website, or on quo's myspace page.

You don't have to visit us on myspace. But now you can.

the one through four returns to NYC, headlining a show at The Living Room. Also, more work on album artwork. Soon. Soon. Soon you can hear '... in the neat handwriting of the illiterate.' Soon.

the one through four, a Pete Rock G side project, will spend the week in NYC, playing some shows and working on the album artwork.

The mastering of the solo album is now complete. Dominick Maita and Air Show Mastering are great.

the one through four, Pete's side project, will be traveling out to Indianapolis this weekend for the Midwest Music Summit. Pete will be joined by Fifth Utility drummer Nick Smalkowski.

The Pete Rock G solo album is mixed. Pete and Ed Edwards have finally emerged from The Utility Closet, and appear to be no worse for the wear. You will be amazed, in due time.

The Pete Rock G solo project has a website right here. Enjoy all the brevity.

Tonight will be the debut show for the Pete Rock G solo project, masquerading under the moniker 'agnu.' 'Agnu' will join The One AM Radio and Ian Cooke at Double Entendre for an all ages show.

Details for the album release show are now set. The Fifth Utility with Porlolo and School of Floating. See shows.

Ultra Nylon Life of Ease will be officially released on Friday April 23 at the Gothic Theatre, but you can buy an advanced copy right this very instant if you click in just the right spot.

The world is a beautiful place, full of wonderful people. It was nice meeting so many of you while we were out all over the west coast. Thanks for coming to shows, and thanks for listening.

The Fifth Utility's new CD, 'ultra nylon life of ease,' is complete. Pre-release copies can be purchased exclusively at Double Entendre Records, 120 S Broadway in Denver.

The Fifth Utility is on their way to a city near you, so long as you live on the west coast. 'u.n.l.o.e' will be available at all west coast shows as well. Watch the shows page.

'u.n.l.o.e' is mixed. We will master and manufacture it for you. Look for a Denver release show and a west coast tour in March.

The recording of 'ultra nylon life of ease' is complete. Mixing begins tomorrow at LoDo Recording Studios.

Today marks the beginning of the recording sessions for our second album, 'ultra nylon life of ease.' Recording has moved from the basement demo studio into The Utility Closet. 'u.n.l.o.e' will be released when we are finished making it.

The Fifth Utility are pleased, and incredibly relieved, to announce the addition of drummer Nick Smalkowski. Let the good times, and the van full of gear and musicians, roll.

Tonight's show with Sorry About Dresden has been cancelled due to piles of flakes of frozen water. This is bad for our self esteem. Don't leave your houses.

The March issue of The Hooligan features an interview with The Fifth Utility. Three cheers for John Reidy. Pick up a copy if you are lucky enough to live in D-town, or you can try to find the content online.

The show with Sorry About Dresden has been moved to Wednesday March 19, which you would already know if you were checking shows as often as you ought.

The Fifth Utility will play live on Radio 1190 this afternoon between 4 and 6 pm. Tune in your AM radio or stream the simulcast from

We have been added to a show with Saddle Creek recording artist Rilo Kiley on March 11 at the Bluebird. Check shows for details and other live events.

Pre-production for the second album has begun. Snippets and teaser tracks may appear sporadically on the music page.

Do Make Say Think are so good it is incredible. Please visit the Constellation Records website and look around for a while.

Sadly, we will not be able to play the show in Omaha August 17. Sorry. However, there is no such change to the shows with Q And Not U in September and with Do Make Say Think and Fly Pan Am in October. They remain as scheduled.

Another show added, with Do Make Say Think and Fly Pan Am in October. Hope everyone had as much fun at our show last night with The Prom as we did.

Shows added with Q And Not U in September and with The Prom in July. The Golem Art Gallery show July 6th has been postponed. Watch shows for updates.

The Fifth Utility will be joining our friends / favorite Colorado band, Against Tomorrow's Sky, down in the Springs for a show June 21. We may also get to play ATS's CD release later this summer. And we are discussing the possibility of an ATS / T5U tour in the early fall. Watch this space for updates.

The show with Cursive and Planes was a rousing success. Our sincere apologies to all who where affected by the unadvertized early start time. We were as surprised as you were. We are working with the venue and the promoter to prevent such miscommunications in the future.

The Fifth Utility will open for Cursive and Planes Mistaken For Stars on Friday June 7th at the Bluebird Theatre. See shows for details.

Thanks to Sam for many months of help hosting the website. And thanks to Dale with monkey-haus and Ben with nanotopia for stepping in at lightning speed.

misanthropolis is out and we want you to have some. We are also selling t-shirts and stickers. Here is the strange part: everything is being "sold" on a "by donation" basis. Everything. All of it. You pick the price. Pay by cash, check, or credit card. Click here to help us make commerce history.

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