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ultra nylon life of ease - April 2004

nothing again
bleeding out
smiles and photographs
closed circuit mythology
viking funeral

11 tracks, 60:00 running time. A 3 panel cardboard case with full-color artwork throughout. Art by Lisa Gedgaudas. Westword's Jason Heller says "the progression from Misanthropolis to Ultra Nylon is as quantum as Radiohead's leap from Pablo Honey to The Bends." Indeed. Further, "... a sprawling, atmospheric disc that bristles with experimental energy atop great songwriting." Mark Brown, Rocky Mountain News; Critic's Choice

misanthropolis - August 2001

my happy empire
asleep in the middle of the day
product placement
don't breathe
afternoon tea
some kind of goodbye

11 tracks, 60:12 running time. A 12 page booklet with words and images. Cover art by Francis Johansen. misanthropolis has been called "Uncompromising and caustic ... brimming with an intelligence and a precision that border on diabolic" Laura Bond - Westword; and "... one of the best produced local records Iíve ever heard" John Reidy - The Hooligan.

Emails regarding booking, reviews, or any general comments are appreciated.

Incidently, the above tracks are Copyrighted by The Fifth Utility. Listen to them, burn them to your CD's, give them to your friends; just don't steal them and pawn them off as your own creations. Please?

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